Equipment Manufacturers/Developers

With the explosive evolution of the technology, the development engineers have discovered that meeting customer expectations can be difficult as they find their time to market windows shrinking with each new product development cycle.

So how can technology developers and equipment manufacturers provide high quality, thoroughly tested products in shorter amounts of time?

Super Instruments provides advanced monitoring tools, testing tools and analysis tools which enable equipment manufacurers/developers to shorten development cycle, and to be capable to provide more reliable products.


Network Simulation/Emulation Products

Network Evaluation Software

SNT’s network simulation and emulation technologies accelerate the design and development cycle for ad-hoc mobile network devices, and also improves device performance by pinpointing risk factors that can cause communication breakdowns in operation.

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Network Simulation Tools

MIMIC® Simulator Suite (SNMP Simulator, IOS, JUNOS, NetFlow, SFlow®, IPFIX, IPMI, Server Simulator)creates a virtual lab with thousands of devices. Many leading networking vendors around the world use it in applications from testing and development to operator training and disaster simulations.

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IP Network Emulators

IP Network Emulators enable IP technology developers to test their designs against various IP network configurations and impairments.

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Network Testing & Optimization Products

Digital Video Image Evaluation & Monitoring Tools

The innovative products, leading in advanced digital video image evaluation and monitoring, serve the entire video industry from content producers and providers, video & audio equipment manufacturers, to broadcasting operators.

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Broadband Network Tools

The network-level broadband tools are easy-to-use tools that reduce the complexity and cost of broadband product development, demonstration and deployment.

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Software Engineering Products

Requirements Management

IBM Rational® DOORS®, a family of requirements definition and requirements management solutions, improves quality by optimizing communication and collaboration and by promoting compliance and verification.

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Configuration Management

IBM® Rational® Synergy is a task-based, integrated configuration management solution for global software development.

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System Modeling

Rational® Tau® provides standards-based, model-driven development of complex systems and software for information systems and enterprise IT applications, including SOA.

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Code Analysis

The key to simultaneously reducing development time while increasing software quality is to prevent errors at the beginning stages of development. One of the most effective ways to prevent such errors is to follow coding guidelines.

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Unit Testing

It is much easier and faster for developers to verify that each unit is reliable and operates correctly when it is built. Unit testing allows applications to be tested before they are completed. Also, unit testing does not require the large test bed needed for application-level testing.

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System Testing

System testing refers to the testing performed by the development team to ensure that the system works module by module and also as a whole. System Testing should ensure that each function of the system works as expected and that any errors (bugs) are noted and analysed. It should additionally ensure that interfaces for export and import routines, function as required.

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Embedded Development Products

In-Circuit Emulators

The ICEs support you all the way through hardware board bring-up to board support package and device driver development.

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