CodeTEST is a software verification toolset that overcomes complexities of the embedded software environment from early phase host-based design and development to final phase test and validation. It helps to save time and money.

CodeTEST software analysis tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with your development environment whether you use CodeTEST Native, Software In-Ciruit (SWIC) or Hardware In-Circuit (HWIC).

For the initial stages of your development, there’s CodeTEST Native – ready to jump-start your embedded software development even before hardware is available. CodeTEST SWIC is the ideal solution for integrating your application software with your target hardware. Finally, CodeTEST HWIC aids you through the final system tests and validation, when the highest levels of detail and accuracy are required, with a unique set of real-time measurement and analysis tools.

CodeTEST’s instrumentation technology delivers the least intrusive real time embedded software analysis solution in the industry. Whether you use software-only, resident IDE or hardware probe technology, CodeTEST is ready to adapt seamlessly into your environment.