Code Analysis

Innovative static code analysis tools drive continuous quality that’s needed in all enterprise and embedded software development. It automates compliance with a range of coding and security standards and delivers high-quality, safe, and secure software that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Reduce the Costs of Defects

Prevent code defects earlier in the development process before they cascade into more expensive challenges down the line.

Reduce Administrative Efforts

Parasoft’s compliance reporting automates the documentation requirements mandated by safety, security, and coding standards such as MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT, and more.

Accelerate Software Development

Gain an edge over your competitors. Parasoft’s static analysis integrates easily into your streamlined CI/CD pipeline with continuous testing that delivers high-quality software — quickly.

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

Weave compliance with security standards into testing processes. Ensure your code is robust and meets stringent security standards.

Improve Code Quality

Flag duplicate and difficult-to-read code so your software is easier to manage and port.

Test Smarter

Parasoft incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your team’s static analysis workflow — flagging and prioritizing the violations that need to be fixed first.