Network Simulation/Emulation

Network Evaluation Software

Solutions from Scalable Network Technologies integrate network digital twins with physical hardware and applications, allowing users to rapidly test a wide range of highlyrealistic scenarios for better operational planning, more effective training and enhanced communications effectiveness without the expense of building out physical infrastructure.

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Network Simulation Tools

MIMIC® Simulator Suite (SNMP Simulator, IOS, JUNOS, NetFlow, SFlow®, IPFIX, IPMI, Server Simulator) creates a virtual lab with thousands of devices. Many leading enterprises and networking vendors around the world use it in applications from testing and development to operator training and disaster simulations.

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IP Network Emulators

The IP Network Emulators reproduce the unfavorable conditions of IP Networks and WANs in a controllable and repeatable lab setting. The emulator recreates the dynamic behavior of the Internet such that any network model can be reproduced including those models that change with traffic, time, or the behavior of another traffic flow.

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