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Telecommunication networks and the information flowing over them are critical to government and military agencies, for whom network disruptions can spell serious disruptions in public services or even national security. There is no tolerance for disruption or downtime for agencies who deliver services with municipal, state and provincial, national and even international scope.

Super Instruments provides advanced monitoring tools, testing tools, modeling tools, and analysis tools which allow IT departments to increase the availability and performance of critical applications.

Network Simulation/Emulation Products
Network Evaluation Software

SNT's technologies help solve one of the most pressing problems facing government and society today – the inability of local, county, state, and federal agency personnel to communicate with each other during states of emergency.

SNT's technologies also dramatically reduce the time and cost of deploying high availability mobile communications networks for homeland defense operations.

Network Simulation Software
IP Network Emulators

IP Network Emulators enable the IT departments to to test their applications and evaluate vendor products in a laboratory environment, so as to increase the availability and performance of critical applications.

Network Simulation Software
Network Testing & Optimization Products
IP Routing & Traffic Analyzers
IP Routing & Traffic Analyzers ensure availability and reliability of critical public services, increase productivity, and enhance network management visibility against security threats.
Network Simulation Software
Broadband Network Tools
The network-level broadband tools are easy-to-use tools that reduce the complexity and cost of broadband product demonstration and deployment.
Network Simulation Software
Network Performance Management Tools
The leading tools for performance management and troubleshooting help organizations ensure the delivery of business-critical applications. The platform of management and reporting products provides comprehensive visibility into networks and applications to optimize performance, speed troubleshooting, and assist long-term capacity planning.
Network Simulation Software