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New business realities bring profound implications for network and information management strategies. IT executives have had to reassess the way they build, manage and use the information infrastructure. Under constant pressure to do more with less, businesses have to push for more competitive and proactive information management models.

Super Instruments provides advanced monitoring tools, testing tools and analysis tools, which deliver:

  • cost reduction - understanding of the performanace the products and networks before, during and after the implementation;
  • increased productivity - converged communications over a secure, reliable network;
  • innovation in customer experience - improved application performance and engaged applications.
Network Simulation/Emulation Products
Network Evaluation Software
Enterprise IT organizations rely on Network Evaluation Software for critical operational and planning functions, enabling them to be more productive and to avoid costs by automating otherwise manual analyses with software.
Network Simulation Software
Network Simulation Tools
MIMIC® Simulator Suite (SNMP Simulator, IOS, JUNOS, NetFlow, SFlow®, IPFIX, IPMI, Server Simulator)creates a virtual lab with thousands of devices. Many leading enterprises around the world use it in applications from testing and development to operator training and disaster simulations.
Network Simulation Software
IP Network Emulators
IP Network Emulators enable the IT managers in the enterprise to confirm the capabilities of IP products or services they're considering for purchase.
Network Simulation Software
Network Testing & Optimization Products
IP Routing & Traffic Analyzers
IP Routing & Traffic Analyzers provide enterprise Internet and IP WAN services customers with higher service assurance and more competitive visibility into their IP Services, improve operational efficiency and productivity, achieve greater top and bottom-line results. It also achieve the mandate of delivering a predictable and explainable IP service infrastructure, increase network engineering's productivity and responsiveness, and strengthen IT's credibility.
Network Simulation Software
Network Performance Management Tools
The leading tools for performance management and troubleshooting help organizations ensure the delivery of business-critical applications. The platform of management and reporting products provides comprehensive visibility into networks and applications to optimize performance, speed troubleshooting, and assist long-term capacity planning.
Network Simulation Software
Software Engineering Products
Unit Testing

The unit testing solutions provide immediate and lasting benefits to your business - including a significant decrease in software errors, and a welcome increase in software reliability and quality, team productivity, and customer satisfaction - by effectively combining tools, services, and expertise into a practical method for implementing error prevention throughout your entire software development cycle.

Network Simulation Software