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The CodeTEST toolset comprises of the most comprehensive embedded software visibility, analysis, measurement and verification suite available today.

  • CodeTEST Performance - boosts embedded productivity by precisely identifying embedded software-related bottlenecks.
  • CodeTEST Trace - tracks in detail the execution history of a program at the RTOS level, control-flow, and source levels, making it easier and faster to determine the root and triggering consequence of particular issues.
  • CodeTEST Memory - saves time, resources and money by pinpointing system bugs caused by memory leaks or errors.
  • CodeTEST Statement and Decision Coverage - provides comprehensive statement and decision coverage, invoking every point of entry and exit in the program at least once. Equipped with CodeTEST's decision coverage tool you can also ensure that each decision in the program has been taken on all possible outcomes at least once.
  • CodeTEST Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) - gives you complete confidence in delivering the most comprehensive code coverage recognized in the industry today.

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