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CodeTEST's patented instrumentation technology delivers the least intrusive real time embedded software analysis solution in the industry today. CodeTEST uses instrumentation technology to monitor your code. Instrumentation tags are inserted into your code during your build process, using your compiler, and without affecting your original source. When the resulting executable is run, tags are sent to a data collection agent that then sends the data to the host application. Using this technology, CodeTEST provides Performance, Coverage, and Memory analysis, and a Software Execution Trace capability similar to a Logic Analyzer.

  • Ahead of Schedule

    Equipped with CodeTEST, tackle the costly "little snags" that frustrate and delay development, test and deployment. CodeTEST is a win/win solution for all teams to get ahead of schedule meeting time-to-market goals ahead of expectations and ahead of the competition.

  • See the Issue Before It is One

    CodeTEST supports you every step of the way in identifying issues before they cause problems downstream or for the customer. Through enhanced debugging and viewing real-execution history at code, sequence or RTOS levels, CodeTEST finds your bugs faster so they are resolved earlier in the product's lifecycle.

  • Deliver your Code with Confidence

CodeTEST gives you an unprecedented level of confidence at code hand-off. From design to development, from development to test, from test to deployment, CodeTEST streamlines communications, identifying resolved and unresolved issues as they occur in the cycle. Project managers, engineers and marketing teams have the data they need to feel confident in the quality of your systems. In an industry where product performance and code quality are key, CodeTEST can make all the difference.

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