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software engineering
Requirements Management

Telelogic DOORS® is the market and technology-leading family of Requirements Management solutions. DOORS provides a proven, reliable foundation for a requirements-driven development process to achieve seamless communication, tight collaboration and efficient validation throughout the enterprise.

Configuration Management
Telelogic SYNERGYT is a powerful family of tools for task-based Change and Configuration Management. SYNERGY provides lifecycle control for your company's digital assets, enabling you to improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of advanced systems and software.
System Modeling

With Telelogic TAU's powerful graphical modeling capabilities, users can specify all aspects of a system's design, simulate and verify its behavior, and ensure the design is on the right track, even at the earliest stages of the project.

Code Review
The key to simultaneously reducing development time while increasing software quality is to prevent errors at the beginning stages of development. One of the most effective ways to prevent such errors is to follow coding guidelines. The code review tools from Super Instruments include Logiscope from Telelogic and C++Test from Parasoft.
Unit Testing
It is much easier and faster for developers to verify that each unit is reliable and operates correctly when it is built. Unit testing allows applications to be tested before they are completed. Also, unit testing does not require the large test bed needed for application-level testing.
System Testing
System testing refers to the testing performed by the development team to ensure that the system works module by module and also as a whole. System Testing should ensure that each function of the system works as expected and that any errors (bugs) are noted and analysed. It should additionally ensure that interfaces for export and import routines, function as required.