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Observer Reporting Server

Top-Down Performance Management

Observer Reporting Server (ORS) offers a top-down approach that combines enterprise-wide views, macro- and micro-level reporting, and deep drill-down for problem resolution.

ORS serves as your performance management center by combining captured packets along with NetFlow, SNMP, and sFlow® metrics to provide an overall view of network health. Using solution-centric workflows, navigate quickly from high-level performance reports to the root-cause.

  • Auto-baseline and quickly assess performance
  • Drill into link, user, and connection details
  • Pinpoint root cause with in-depth application metrics
  • Monitor trends to prepare for the future

ORS is a stand-alone appliance which simultaneously collects and aggregates data from Observer Probes, NetFlow devices, and other collection agents.

Seamless Reporting and Problem Solving

Only ORS fully integrates high-level monitoring with detailed problem-solving capabilities on a single platform.

Track performance in real-time and retrospectively. Features like NetLive ensure you keep tabs on application and network performance and witness important changes as they happen. Combine ORS with GigaStor for a longer-term view and to rewind your network to resolve sporadic and complex problems.

Application Performance and Baselining

Observer's auto-baselining establishes baselines for any performance or time-based metrics. This includes application response time, MOS, or network utilization. Quickly determine if application delivery and performance is acceptable based on your network’s traffic patterns, or compare performance from different periods of time. For example, compare application performance of every Wednesday for the last six weeks, or the 15 of every month for the last 4 months.

Use the ORS dashboard to identify and react to problems as they appear rather than after they impact user performance. Once an issue has been identified, utilize Application Analysis to solve complex application issues.

Custom Business Groups

Shape reports around your business.

Does the call center have enough bandwidth to run VoIP? How does current WAN configuration affect your Just-In-Time inventory system? What business processes have the greatest impact on systems?

The Observer Reporting Server allows you to accurately assess the impact of mission-critical applications on your business through extensive reports.

Observer Reporting server also provides auto-baselining capabilities for establishing benchmarks, understanding typical performance levels, and running day-to-day comparisons.

Real-Time Visibility

Don’t settle for simple static reports. With Observer Reporting Server’s new NetLive feature, your custom views will auto-refresh, feeding you up-to-the moment network statistics in 20-second increments.

Because NetLive views are customizable to your unique business needs, you can be sure that you’re seeing only the most critical and relevant live data feeds.

NetLive gives you a bird’s eye view of your enterprise-wide network so you can see which issues need attention and what area of the business they’re affecting. And, of course, Observer Reporting Server allows you to drill down into the problem for immediate troubleshooting.

NetLive is accessible via web browser and is available for use by anyone within your organization.

Customizable Security Options

Since the Observer Reporting Server provides a wealth of business intelligence, you may wish to limit report access. To protect data, the reporting server requires secure authentication that is manageable via the reporting server interface.

Implement user-based or role-based permissions as necessary to protect your intellectual property.

For example, you might give your manager the ability to view and modify reports as needed for planning tasks but restrict the ability to view underlying data for outside consultants.

The Observer Reporting Server can also limit report availability by department or silo. For example, ensure VoIP call quality reports are shared with the communications and IT teams, but limit access to WAN usage reports to only the infrastructure department.

Tecnical Specifications

Platform: 2U 19-in. rack-mountable probe appliance

Dimensions: Standard: 16.75 in. (W) x 3.5 in. (H) x 25.88 in. (Mounting Depth)
[Full probe depth with handles: 26.75 in.]
Metric: 42.5 cm (W) x 8.9 cm (H) x 65.7 cm (Mounting Depth)
[Full probe depth with handles 67.9 cm]

Power Consumption:
1 link (2 port) Copper
0.16 A in 'off' state Power consumption =20W
5 A Max at startup Power consumption <=580W
3.8 A at full load Power consumption <=345W

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