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Observer isn't just a protocol analyzer. While our solutions offer the deepest drill-down into network problems, they also provide back-in-time analysis, reports, trending, alarms, application tools, route monitoring, and more.

Troubleshoot better and smarter. From VoIP analysis to stream reconstruction, you'll have the tools to maximize uptime and reduce resolution time.

What's New in Observer 14

Observer 14 is aimed at reducing resolution time by optimizing the troubleshooting process. Our newest Observer platform provides significantly enhanced application analysis, strengthens proactive troubleshooting, and adds to our top-end reporting server for a more comprehensive, streamlined performance management approach.

Take advantage of Observer 14 features:


Auto-Baselining Application Performance

Easily determine how your network and applications are performing and quickly drill down to review and resolve any network, application, or server problem.

Observer 14 automatically establishes performance baselines for all performance and time-based metrics including response time, MOS, or network utilization. Based upon retained data, Observer calculates the baseline defining normal performance as well as deviations indicating degraded and unacceptable performance. Compare performance by time of day, day of week, or day of month. For example, compare application performance of every Wednesday for the last six weeks, or the 15th of every month for the last 4 months.

Auto-baselining is available in Observer Suite and Observer Reporting Server (ORS).


Enhanced Performance Reporting

Create relevant performance reports faster within Observer Reporting Server. Our streamlined reporting interface provides simple report setup. New graphs and reports increase the ways to view and analyze performance problems. For example, new threshold-based reports display color-graded views of application response times making it easy to identify periods of acceptable and poor performance.

The enhanced reporting interface is offered through ORS, while new graphs and reports are found in Observer Expert, Observer Suite, and ORS.


Solution-Centric Workflows

Observer 14 offers a new approach to tracking and investigating performance problems. Currently, the network team's investigation is typically a single path determined by the analysis tool. Observer Reporting Server offers choices with each report allowing the network engineer to define the investigation course. The network team is able to view relevant reports and data in a logical order determined by the users, their specific problem, and their environment.

This approach saves troubleshooting time allowing you to address and resolve the problem directly rather than sifting through useless data and reports.

Solution-centric workflows are available in Observer Suite and Observer Reporting Server.


Unlimited NetFlow Scalability

Collect and aggregate a virtually unlimited number of NetFlow devices into a single Observer console for reporting and analysis.

Use Network Instruments' Advanced Expert Probe as a NetFlow collector to tap into flows from hundreds of devices simultaneously. Monitor high-level performance metrics, including real-time statistics like Top Talkers, bandwidth usage, and long-term network trends.

Available with Observer Reporting Server.


Increased ORS Performance

Observer Reporting Server has been completely re-engineered to significantly increase reporting performance and data processing. The structures for storing and accessing data have been optimized for enterprise networks and migrated to a 64-bit Windows system. The result? A powerful reporting and monitoring engine that processes data 2 to 4 times faster.


Track the User Perspective

Understanding end-user experience is key to improving overall performance. Observer 14 provides greater end-user detail with key end-user response metrics. For example, track total response time and individual server/network propagation delay by user stations.

User station metrics can be tracked within Observer Reporting Server and Observer Suite.


Enhanced Application Transaction Metrics

Sometimes response time is not enough to accurately troubleshoot performance problems. Observer provides in-depth application performance metrics unparalleled in the industry. Observer's application transaction analysis provides application-specific details for diagnosing issues unique to individual business protocols.

With Observer 14, all application protocols now provide greater error and transaction details. In addition, support and analysis for Citrix (CGP), DHCP, LDAP, and VoIP (H.323/225, H.323/245, H323/RAS, Megaco H.248, SCCP (Cisco Skinny), and SIP) have been added.

Application Transaction Analysis is available in Observer Expert, Observer Suite, and Observer Reporting Server.


Unified Communications

Companies continue to depend on Observer to monitor and optimize VoIP and unified communications (UC). Observer 14 offers several new features making troubleshooting VoIP/UC issues even easier.

Monitor SRTP Traffic

Most analysis tools are blind to Secure RTP traffic and unable to accurately monitor or diagnose SRTP issues. Observer can now show call quality metrics on SRTP without impacting the security of the traffic.

Aggregate Trace Files

Often different VoIP components like call setup and RTP streams are captured in separate capture files, making the analysis of these conversations difficult. Observer 14 can now aggregate trace files for more accurate and efficient problem resolution.

Available with Observer Expert, Observer Suite, Observer Reporting Server, and GigaStor.


Track NetFlow In Any Environment

Although leveraging NetFlow is popular for performance management, these analysis tools are limited to routed traffic. Use GigaStor to produce NetFlow from any device in any network environment, including servers and non-NetFlow capable routers and switches.

GigaStor captures and converts packets into NetFlow data flows, pushing them to reporting applications. This capability is especially valuable for Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) and compliance monitoring devices.

The NetFlow Agent is a feature in GigaStor.


Define and Analyze Microbursts

Use Observer’s microburst reporting and analysis to define the duration and utilization threshold of microbursts down to the nanosecond. New analysis options provide greater flexibility for investigating microburst interference. Track the percentage of time bursts occur or microbursts per interval.

Microburst analysis is ideal for transaction-heavy organizations such as financial services, where tracking delays at the nanosecond level can be critical.

Microburst analysis is available in GigaStor.


Fully Integrated ATM Support

For large organizations, Observer provides full decode and analysis of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over OC-3c and OC-12c. Observer offers 40 ATM-specific experts. In addition, Network Instruments now provides OC-3c and OC-12c hardware probes that support ATM.

Available with Observer Expert, Observer Suite, Observer Reporting Server, GigaStor, and WAN probes.

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