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Link Analyst

Link Analyst is a robust network monitoring solution that provides powerful reports, network mapping, active discovery, inventory capabilities, and configurable alarms. For any size business, Link Analyst provides insight into the devices on your network and the routes connecting them.

Create & Monitor Business Groups

  • Create Groups by department, function, device type, or customize
  • View reports, monitor resources, track inventory by Business Group
  • Click within a Group for easy sub-level analysis
  • Identify problem source as Network, System, or Application

Dynamic Reporting

Customize, view, expand, and compare reports for in-depth analysis on routes, devices, and groups. Track statistics over time for use in network trending and analysis.

Report types include:

  • Alarms
  • Business Group Status
  • Device Events
  • Response Time
  • Alarm Log

Run Inventories for Asset Management

Keep track of and monitor changes in removable hard drives, installed software, and more. Run automatic inventories or take instant snapshots, and create alarms for specific WMI and SNMP objects.

View Data Remotely with Web Reporting

  • Arrange Views
  • Access Reports
  • Password Protection

Perform Historical Data Analysis

  • Review routes and response times for past events or timeframes
  • Log statistics for historical interpretation and baselining
  • Record device performance
  • Identify whether a problem is intermittent or ongoing

Device & Route Monitoring

Take advantage of SNMP & WMI data to monitor Active Directory Servers, Host Resources, Internet Information Servers and more, or create custom monitors. Know at a glance which devices, routes, and IP services are up or down.

  • Monitor virtual servers and workstations
  • Set user-configurable alarms and thresholds
  • Graph statistics over time

GigaStorâ„¢ Integration

Link Analyst works seamlessly with the GigaStor back-in-time analysis appliance to give you the ultimate troubleshooting flexibility. Drill down to the device level and use GigaStor to go back to the time the problem occurred to see exactly what happened, without having to recreate the issue.

Verify Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Review QoS levels end-to-end and between network elements
  • Audit network performance to ensure SLAs comply
  • Configure service level tracking for any device
  • Quickly identify lapses in 3rd party agreements

Obtain Point-to-Point Route Analysis

  • Obtain graphical and table-based display of route between Link Analyst and any device, including response time between hops
  • Monitor performance of the connection between two devices
  • Track uptime and response time for QoS and SLA verification

Event Notification

Be alerted when a device is unreachable or has poor response time. Choose sound, pager, or e-mail alerts, or set Link Analyst to launch a program or generate a trouble ticket.

  • View alarms by Business Group/Route
  • Drill down for device status details
  • Graph and compare alarm data over time

Active Discovery

  • See what devices are connected to the network, and how they are connected
  • Obtain graphical and table-based display of a network, network segment, or remote locations on the WAN
  • Monitor response time and performance of devices anywhere on the network

Integrates with Observer® for Complete Network Analysis

Start packet captures on selected devices or device pairs, create filters on selected devices or device pairs, review real-time statistics on any selected probe or SNMP agent, export Link Analyst maps into Observer alias tables, and import Observer alias tables into Link Analyst maps.

Stay alert, stay informed, and make better network decisions.

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