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Rewind Your Network

Stop missing critical network events. Instead, rewind your network to quickly troubleshoot sporadic performance problems.

The GigaStor network recorder provides massive data collection and unique time-based analysis that eliminate the need to recreate problems, rapidly decreasing resolution time.

Storing up to 288 TB of network data for days, weeks, or months, our network recorder eliminates finger-pointing between network and application teams by providing proof of what occurred. Use GigaStor to navigate to the exact moment a problem happened, and see a detailed packet-level view of before, during, and after the occurrence. Monitor LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gb, OC, and Fibre Channel networks.

Save Troubleshooting Time

GigaStor's retrospective network analysis (RNA) capabilities give you the benefit of perfect hindsight for attacking every network problem and anomaly. With continually captured data, GigaStor makes it easy to rewind your network, determine the problem source, perform comprehensive analysis and move on.

By removing the guesswork and the need to start a packet capture, RNA greatly speeds network troubleshooting and provides long-term corporate-wide benefits.

With retrospective network analysis:

  • Quickly isolate and resolve network and application issues
  • Ensure successful application deployments
  • Reconstruct and troubleshoot VoIP calls
  • Investigate and document compliance violation

Drill Down on Problems

In an enterprise, minutes of downtime can quickly multiply into hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars lost. With terabytes of stored data, it's critical to be able to sift through the data and pinpoint the problematic transactions.

Use GigaStor's unique time-based navigation and comprehensive expert analysis to quickly drill down from high-level issues to perform root-cause analysis. From an enterprise-wide view, you can track bandwidth utilization, network Top Talkers, application metrics, NetFlow data, and even VoIP quality statistics. Then use expert analysis to isolate the problem cause and find potential resolutions.

Ensure Successful Application Deployments

In large-scale deployments of new applications like unified communications, IT staff shouldn't neglect performing predeployment assessments or baseline analysis. Use GigaStor’s trending reports to define normal network and application behavior and establish baselines. Configure alarms to alert IT staff when performance deviates from the norm.

When you're alerted to an application problem, investigate deeper with GigaStor's in-depth application analysis and experts.

With GigaStor:

  • Isolate transaction issues
  • Identify latency concerns
  • Track server delay
  • Monitor application-specific errors

Troubleshoot 10 Gb Networks

We take unparalleled efforts to ensure your ability to capture and process network data on gigabit or 10 Gb networks. We design and manufacture our Gen2 capture card to be the fastest available, supporting full-duplex gigabit and 10 Gb. In order to minimize network overhead, data processing and analysis occurs at the GigaStor probe rather than by pulling captures over the network for processing at the console.

  • Optimized for 10 Gb Analysis
  • 16-lane PCI Express card
  • Filtering and statistics performed on the Gen 2 card
  • Data and analysis processed on the GigaStor probe

Investigate Security and Compliance Issues

GigaStor plays a critical role in data mining, network investigations, and data-retention compliance. The GigaStor network recorder provides you with a separately stored, unaltered view of network traffic that you can play back to investigate connections and transactions exactly as they happened.

GigaStor not only shows you communications that occurred, but it can reconstruct the mined data–providing hard evidence such as web pages (including images),VoIP conversations, documents, and e-mails.

Extending the Power of NetFlow

# Using NetFlow in New Environments
Use GigaStor to produce NetFlow from any device in any network environment, including servers and non-NetFlow capable routers and switches. GigaStor captures and converts packets into NetFlow data flows, pushing them to reporting applications.

# Moving beyond NetFlow Statistics
NetFlow cannot solve network or application problems. When metrics indicate a problem, use GigaStor to conduct detailed back-in-time investigations. By capturing and saving every packet, GigaStor provides a detailed packet-level view of the problem occurrence. Replaying network activity eliminates problem recreation and provides efficient resolution.

Technical Specifications

All GigaStor Appliances includes a local Observer Expert console and can connect to any Observer Expert, Suite, or RMON/HCRMON compliant console on the network.

To ensure wire-speed, line-rate capture, each system includes the Network Instruments-designed, full-duplex Gen2 capture card with multiple-link support.

Each unit also includes a 250 GB internal hard disk, all required cabling, a dual-processor system with Windows XP Pro 64-bit Edition, a 10/100/1000 Ethernet management port, and a DVD+/- RW DL.

Each unit supports multiple topologies: Gigabit, 10 Gb, Fibre Channel, WAN, or OC.

Model Storage Capacity
GigaStor Standard 2 TB-12 TB
GigaStor Expandable 16 TB-48 TB
GigaStor SAS 16 TB-288 TB
GigaStor SAN Offload to SAN
GigaStor Portable 2 TB - 4 TB Portable Unit

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