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Network Evaluation Software
QualNet Developer is ultra high-fidelity network evaluation software that predicts wireless, wired and mixed-platform network and networking device performance. Designed to take full advantage of the multi-threading capabilities of multi-core 64-bit processors, QualNet supports simulation of thousands of network nodes.

QualNet offers unmatched platform portability and interface flexibility. QualNet runs on sequential and parallel Unix, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, and is also designed to link seamlessly with modeling/simulation applications and live networks.

Components of QualNet Developer

QualNet Architect: Design Mode allows users to set up terrain, network connections, subnets, mobility patterns of wireless users, and other functional parameters of network nodes. Users can create network models by using intuitive, click and drag operations. Users can also customize the protocol stack of any of the nodes and can specify the application layer traffic and services that run on the network.

QualNet Architect: Visual Mode gives the user opportunities to perform in depth visualization and analysis of a network scenario designed in Design Mode. As simulations are running, users can watch packets at various layers flow through the network and view dynamic graphs of critical performance metrics. Real-time statistics are also an option, where users can view dynamic graphs while a network scenario simulation is running.

QualNet Analyzer is a statistical graphing tool that displays the metrics collected during the simulation of a network scenario in a graphical format. You can customize the graph display. All statistics are exportable to spreadsheets in CSV format.

QualNet Packet Tracer provides a visual representation of packet trace files generated during the simulation of a network scenario. Trace files are text files in XML format that contain information about packets as they move up and down the protocol stack.

QualNet File Editor is a text editing tool that displays the contents of the selected file in text format and allows the user to edit files.

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