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Network Evaluation Software

QualNet®, EXata® and VisNet™ are complementary tools that predict performance of network devices, transmitters, antennas, terrestrial characteristics, and human interactions, all at real time speed.

QualNet Developer is the only modeling and simulation tool that can explore and analyze early-stage device designs and application code in closed, synthetic networks at real time speed or faster–at a scale of up to thousands of network nodes.

EXata is the only network evaluation tool that can create “software virtual networks” (SVNs) – exact digital replicas of physical networks that are indistinguishable to applications, devices, or users. Unlike traditional modeling and simulation products, SVNs created in EXata can interoperate with all components of physical networks – devices, applications, network management tools, and users.

VisNet is the only “big picture” network planning tool that combines the power of scalable, high-fidelity network simulation with state-of-the-art GIS visualization and fast, intuitive network configuration. VisNet allows you to plan, visualize, and optimize network in minutes, then feed the results directly into QualNet or EXata for more detailed evaluation.

QualNet and EXata shown in the phases of the product lifecycle in which they play a role.

Built on SNT’s industry-leading parallel processing technology, QualNet, EXata, and VisNet deliver an integrated workflow solution for network planning, analysis, testing, evaluation, and operation that leapfrog existing simulation and emulation tools in speed, performance, and cost savings.