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Components of EXata

EXata Architect

EXata features an easy drag-and-drop GUI to build network topologies and advanced editors to allow finegrained design of devices and networks. Use the Device Model Editor to build custom communication devices or use pre-built devices like routers, switches, hubs, ATM, wireless access points, base stations, and mobile users.

Run emulations and simulations with full control in 2D and 3D. Visualization Controls allow you to monitor Components of EXata emulation progress and control per-layer & per-event animation.

EXata Connection Manager

EXata comes in two parts: the main EXata emulation engine that creates a digital replica of your target network, and the Connection Manager that runs on your operational systems.

Applications use the Connection Manager to run their network traffic over the EXata network. Most importantly, Connection Manager makes EXata’s advanced emulation technology easy and simple to use. Applications need no modification or customization to use the realistic emulated network in EXata.

EXata Analyzer

Both Architect and Analyzer have powerful analysis and debugging tools that allow you to get to the bottom of network problems. You can monitor the values of an important parameter, or view dynamic graphs of critical performance indicators like received signal strength or uplink/downlink bandwidth. EXata also provides the flexibility to build customized key performance indicators (KPIs).

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