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The MPLS VPN Challenge

MPLS VPN services represent a significant source of revenue growth for Service Providers. However, the routing-centric nature of Layer 3 MPLS VPNs based on the IETF RFC 4364 (2547bis) standard, presents a number of complex operational challenges. Service Providers need tools to:

  • Maintain and monitor an accurate baseline of customer VPN routing operations
  • Detect and correct site-to-site reachability problems before they become service affecting
  • Avert privacy issues by assuring that Provider Edge (PE) router configurations are are not causing "route leakage" between customers, both initially and over time
  • Rapidly respond to customer inquiries with accurate information on edge-to-edge VPN routing availability both currently and historically
  • Collect and analyze useful forensics data for fast troubleshooting and data continuity during problem escalation

Introducing VPN Explorer--"Layer 3 Visibility for Layer 3 VPNs"

VPN Explorer is the first solution to address these important operational challenges and provide network-wide and per customer Layer 3 monitoring, visibility and analysis for RFC 4364 MPLS VPN networks. It is the only solution that provides real-time knowledge about individual customer's VPN routed topology, VPN site-to-site reachability and routing policy enforcement, and inter-VPN privacy. By monitoring, recording and analyzing the information contained in the MP-BGP routing protocol, a single Route Explorer appliance can compute an accurate, real-time topology of each customer's VPN, while providing automatic baselining, monitoring, visualization, reporting, alarming and detailed diagnosis on the current state of each VPN, as well as a full historical audit trail of all VPN routing events. By utilizing Packet Design’s patent-pending route processing algorithms, VPN Explorer offers highly scalable and responsive OA&M capabilities for MPLS VPN services without the overhead associated with traditional polling-based techniques, providing for greater service assurance, uptime and customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional network management tools that only monitor core performance statistics or PE-CE device and interface status, VPN Explorer focuses on the Layer 3, or logical layer of the network, which is the source of almost 60% of all problems in today’s IP networks. More importantly, these are the core issues affecting day-to-day service operations that translate into customer satisfaction and revenue for Service Providers.

Key Features and Benefits: VPN Explorer is the only solution that helps network administrators to monitor and troubleshoot Layer 3 MPLS VPNs by providing full Layer 3 visibility into each customer's VPN.

Automatic Baselining and Monitoring: By passively monitoring the network routing protocol exchanges, VPN Explorer creates what most network administrators only dream of—an accurate, real-time and historical view of each customer's VPN topology, along with a per customer VPN baseline from which to monitor changes and troubleshoot problems.

Detailed Analysis and Diagnostics: VPN Explorer takes the mystery and complexity out of analyzing and troubleshooting MPLS VPN networks by providing a wealth of reporting tools that help the operator rapidly understand what changed, when it changed and what was the root cause of the problem.

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