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TE Explorer

TE Explorer delivers the industry's first dynamic visibility into RSVP-TE traffic engineering, helping service providers and mobile operators ensure the availability and performance of critical service traffic flowing over TE tunnels. TE Explorer leverages Packet Design's industry-leading route analytics technology to provide a comprehensive traffic engineering management solution, including:

  • Real-time TE tunnel monitoring that detects dynamic changes in tunnel state and paths
  • Historical analysis including the ability to "rewind the network" and look at the state of the entire routing and TE topology at any moment in the past
  • Network change modeling and simulation
  • Capacity planning trending reports

TE Explorer fills an important visibility gap in IP/MPLS network management, complementing traditional SNMP device managers and end-to-end service performance managers, and helping to dramatically lower MTTR, optmize CAPEX investments and increase service assurance and competitiveness.


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The Need for Real-Time MPLS-TE Management Visibility
Dynamic TE Tunnel Monitoring
Ensure TE Tunnel Protection
Analyze TE Tunnel Bandwidth and Utilization
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