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MPLS WAN Explorer

MPLS WAN Explorer is the first solution to deliver end-to-end network visibility across outsourced Layer-3 (L3) MPLS VPNs, helping enterprises ensure the availability, performance, and security of their wide area network (WAN), while keeping service providers accountable. MPLS WAN Explorer leverages Packet Design’s industry leading route analytics technology to provide an unprecedented view beyond the traditional boundaries of enterprise networks, encompassing both IP routing within the enterprise, as well as site-to-site reachability across the L3 MPLS VPN service. MPLS WAN Explorer fills an important gap in enterprise WAN management, reducing network operations and engineering costs, while helping IT departments achieve their service quality goals.

MPLS WAN Explorer extends Packet Design’s industry-leading route analytics technology, which works by passively recording routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP and BGP to compute, monitor and analyze network-wide routing behavior. MPLS WAN Explorer delivers a real-time view of enterprise WAN architecture, showing site-to-site paths across one or more outsourced L3 MPLS VPN services, while monitoring reachability between all sites.

Monitoring and Alerting on Changes in WAN Reachability

  • Creates a baseline of site-to-site reachability specifying prefixes to be exchanged between sites
  • Monitors active prefixes and alerts on any deviations from baseline to identify reachability problems

Real-Time Network Visualization

  • Generates and always up to date, accurate map of WAN routing architecture to understand and monitor VPN policy and status
  • Not dependent on multi-minute SNMP polling cycles; helps IT respond faster to emerging issues

Improves Service Provider Accountability

  • Helps diagnose when the Service Provider is responsible for WAN outages
  • Ensures Enterprise IT receives the service quality they're paying for

Accurately Simulates Changes on an Always Up-to-Date Network Model

  • Simulates changes in routing or traffic for failure analysis or when planning network changes
  • Helps engineers understand the impact of adding new sites or deploying new applications before making changes
  • Highly Scalable Architecture
  • A single MPLS WAN Explorer appliance can manage an entire enterprise network including multiple L3 MPLS VPNs from multiple Service Providers
  • Monitors full IGP network domains within all major sites (e.g. datacenters), as well as reachability through the VPN to all “satellite sites” with no IGP domain (e.g. branch offices with a single router)

Works with Traffic Explorer to Deliver VPN Traffic Reports

  • Analyzes MPLS VPN traffic usage by WAN link, site, Class of Service, traffic group or Top-N reports
  • Monitors and trends traffic loads to perform accurate WAN planning

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