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IP Routing & Traffic Analyzers

Route Explorer delivers real-time, network-wide Layer 3 visibility across an Enterprise or Service Provider’s IP network, letting operator’s view the dynamic routing operation that directs the flow of traffic. Route Explorer’s unique capabilities speed the identification and resolution of difficult-to-diagnose network problems, enable trouble-free network maintenance and allow engineers to accurately model network changes and optimize service delivery.

MPLS WAN Explorer extends real-time, network-wide IP routing and traffic visibility beyond the traditional boundaries of Enterprise IP networks to encompass outsourced MPLS VPNs. MPLS WAN Explorer increases the accuracy and efficiency of monitoring, troubleshooting and change management processes, and helps IT managers keep Service Providers accountable for high-quality WAN service delivery.

TE ExplorerTE Explorer extends real-time, network-wide IP routing and traffic visibility to provide the industry's first real-time, multi-vendor RSVP-TE tunnel monitoring, analysis and modeling solution, enabling service providers and mobile operators to ensure the operation of critical traffic engineering service traffic.

Traffic Explorer leverages the real-time topology intelligence of Route Explorer to provide traffic flow analysis across an entire IP network, without requiring broad deployment of probes or the overhead associated with polling-based techniques. Traffic Explorer’s end-to-end, path-aware view of traffic flows delivers an unprecedented understanding of network behavior, helping to rapidly determine the root cause of problems, analyze and optimize traffic patterns and effectively plan for network change and growth.

VPN Explorer extends the network-wide routing visibility of Route Explorer, revealing the topology of individual VPN’s across a Service Provider’s RFC 2547bis MPLS VPN network. VPN Explorer is the only solution that monitors, baselines and analyzes site-to-site reachability and privacy, helping network operators detect any changes in a customer’s VPN service so they can maximize customer satisfaction while avoiding SLA payouts.

VPN Traffic Explorer provides an integrated view of VPN customer routes and traffic flows across a Service Provider’s entire network, including the MPLS core, allowing operators to analyze traffic flows by customer on every link in their network. VPN Traffic Explorer delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Layer 3 MPLS VPN service management solution, helping Service Providers rapidly resolve service issues, proactively plan for growth, accurately model network changes and identify revenue opportunities and key business trends.