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IP Network Emulators

PacketStorm Communications has a full family of IP network emulators and network recording devices. Typical uses include WAN emulation and network simulation for Enterprises, network devices, and software applications. The family of IP network emulators ranges from the Tornado software to the 40 Gbps PacketStorm4XG. All of the hardware IP network emulators and the PSCapture software have network recording capabilities.

Each IP network emulator is designed for a particular application. The Tornado software emulator addresses low bandwidth and simple network applications. The PacketStorm1800E emulator addresses multiple 10/100 Mbps port applications. The PacketStorm2600E, Hurricane, and Hurricane II are designed for Gigabit and/or many 10/100 Mbps port applications. All of the hardware emulators use the same Graphic User Interface.

PacketStorm's network recording captures the network characteristics which can be transferred and replayed in a PacketStorm hardware emulator. PSCapture software provides real time graphs and histograms as the network characteristics data is being captured.

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