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Digital Video Image Evaluation & Monitoring Tools
Video Quality Evaluation Software - Video DNA Analyzer

Video DNA Analyzer monitors quality (base band quality) of the transmitted video in real time. Video DNA Analyzer is most effective to monitor the quality of digital moving video that is transmitted through the networks.


  • Video quality measurment shown acoording to DSIS*
  • Offers real time quality measurement results on connected PCs with our unique GUI
  • Calculates and saves video signal metadata input into PC for further analysis
  • Provides a variety of setting parameters to accommodate various types of transmitted video content
  • Possible to conduct further detailed, double-stimulus video quality measurement by transmitting saved metadata via an IP network to quality monitoring center

* Double Stimulus Impairment Scale: This method has been standardized under ITU-Rec.500 Series. Under this method, picture quality is expressed as an ascending risk scale of 1 to 5, with 1 indicating no distortion.


Video DNA Analyzer for Win Compatible OS CPU Memory
Windows(R) 2000
Windows(R) XP
Pentium(R) 4
2.0GHz or higher
256MB or higher

Single/double stimulus evaluation PC Video input Video terminal Audio input Audio terminal External input/output
NTSC analog Video (RCA) video input Analog audio RCA audio input (L R) RS232C 10/100BASE
Input video size
VGA 640×480 CIF 352×288 SIF 352×240 QVGA 320×240  

System configuration example

Quality evaluation of reproduced video on mobile terminals