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HDTV JPEG2000 Codec - JH2000

The JH2000 is a hardware HDTV codec with minimal delay and high quality transmission (50~100Mbps) of HDTV programs based on a JPEG 2000 coding framework with newly introduced coding technologies.


  • A minimal delay HDTV transmission via normal transmission line by DVB-ASI interface
  • Sports live HDTV transmission via FPU (Field Pick-up Unit)


  • Introduces newly developed advanced technologies into JPEG2000 standard coding
  • Achieves HDTV program contribution via normal TV links even at the bit rate of 45Mbps
  • A minimal delay coding mechanism is introduced‚and the total coding delay(ENC−DEC)can be reduced to less than 50msec
  • Every HDTV format is supported as an input video signal
  • Easy to operate GUI or monitor display
  • Typical Digital Cinema format is also supported by applying the 1080/23.97p input mode. Transport protocol is based on MPEG-(Transport Stream)‚ and DVB−ASI is adopted as a popular transmission interface


Input/Output Signals  
Video 1080/59‚ 1080/23.97p‚ 720/59.94p
HDTV signal
HD−SDI(SMPTE 274M/292M‚ BNC75Ωx1)
Audio Digital(AES/EBU of Embedded Audio)x4
Date Ancillary date packet(embedded in V - ANC area of HD - SDI)
TS ~210Mbps (DVB-ASI)
ATM 155.52Mbps (STM - 1, AAL type 1 or type 5)
IP(option) 100BASE - T (Gigabit Ether)
Video Coding  
Skelton New technologies were introduced for JPEG2000 compliant intrafield/intraframe adaptive DWT coding.
*SNR progressive coding mode is optionally supported.
ES rate ~200Mbps(CBR)
*Lossless VBR mode is optionally supported.
Error Correction  
  (204‚188)Reed Solomon FEC
128byte long interleave(for ATM or IP only)
Remote Control/Alarm Output
  IP(100BASE-T)/RS - 422
  232VA(with AC100V input)*For Encoder and Decoder
  20lbs, 9kg
  W=482mm, D=650mm, H=88mm, 2U For Encoder and Decoder
Operating Temperature
  5°C - 35°C(41°F - 95°F)

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