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Vulcan: Multi-port ADSL Network Simulator
The Vulcan provides a very cost-effective network emulator/simulator for production test and product development of ADSL CPE equipment. The Broadframe Vulcan simulates an ADSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) and an access concentrator with a sample of Internet content to provide the experience of a live Internet connection. Vulcan is an excellent tool for ADSL product developers, test engineers, and test technicians who benefit from connecting their products to a virtual Internet in a controlled environment.


Vulcan replaces three complex network elements:

  • DSL Access Multiplexor (DSLAM)
  • Service Node
  • Internet Server


The Broadframe Vulcan is portable and easy to configure, which makes it ideal for many applications.

  • Production testing of multiple CPE products.
  • Initial development of a CPE product when modem synchronization and basic network connection needs to be established on new designs.
  • ADSL interoperability and conformance testing of CPE products.
  • Performance analysis over a controlled DSL connection.
  • Demonstration/training device for DSL equipment in virtually any location.

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