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Liberator: DSL Network Simulator

The Liberator provides a cost-effective network emulator/simulator for development, test and demonstration of ASDL and SHDSL CPE equipment. Liberator provides the appearance of a live Internet connection. The Liberator is an excellent tool for ADSL/SHDSL product developers, test engineers, test technicians, and field sales representatives who benefit from connecting their products to a virtual Internet in a controlled environment.


Liberator replaces three complex network elements:

  • DSL Access Multiplexor (DSLAM)
  • Service Node
  • Internet Server

Liberator Product Family

There are three major products in the Liberator family.

  • Liberator Standard - is the basic DSL Network Simulator and support only one protocol (RFC1483/2684).
  • Liberator Plus - adds a full set of network protocols including PPPoE and PPPoA.
  • Liberator Pro - includes all the above and adds an end-point protocol anaysis capability.


  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) developers can use Liberator for network development, performance testing and interoperability testing.
  • Marketing and Sales Managers can use for portable demonstrations at a customer site or tradeshow.
  • Liberator is also ideal for field testing or quick verification of modems and other CPE equipment by Test Engineers and Field Technicians.

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