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Broadband Network Tools

DSLscope is a cost-effective DSL Protocol Analyzer for use in the development and testing of ADSL and SHDSL equipment. DSLscope provides powerful protocol analysis capabilities to engineers and technicians by capturing, decoding and displaying the detailed contents of the DSL ATM AAL5/AAL2 packets passed across an DSL line. DSLscope is the first DSL protocol analyzer to provide the user with visibility of nested packet headers directly on the DSL line.

The Liberator is a DSL Network Simulator. It provides a cost-effective network emulator/simulator for development, test and demonstration of ADSL/SHDSL CPE equipment. Liberator provides the appearance of a live Internet connection. The Liberator is an excellent tool for DSL product developers, test engineers, test technicians, and field sales representatives who benefit from connecting their products to a virtual Internet in a controlled environment.

For situations that need more than one DSL port, the Vulcan is an ADSL Network Simulator that supports up to 8 ADSL ports. Vulcan is ideal for manufacturing test, training, or for use on small development teams. Vulcan provides the appearance of a live Internet connection for each of the connected DSL modems.