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DSLscope: ADSL/SHDSL Protocol Analyzer
DSLscope from Broadframe provides a cost-effective in-line ADSL/SHDSL Protocol Analyzer for monitoring and legal interception of DSL lines, trouble-shooting DSL line installations, and developing and testing DSL equipment. DSLscope plugs directly into the DSL line to be analyzed, connected in-circuit between the DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) and a DSL modem (CPE). DSLscope provides a powerful protocol analysis capability for use in capturing, decoding and displaying all the ATM cells and AAL5 packets that are transmitted in both directions across a DSL line.


DSLscope Product Family

There are three major products in the DSLscope family.

  • DSLscope Standard - is an in-line DSL Protocol Analyzer.
  • DSLscope Plus - allows the user to configure the CO-card to be a DSL Network Simulator.
  • DSLscope Pro - provides more flexibility on the CO-card as an end-point DSL Protocol Analyzer.


DSLscope is portable and very easy to use, which makes it ideal for many DSL applications.

  • Troubleshooting DSL line installations and connections.
  • Monitoring and legal interception of DSL lines.
  • Developing DSL equipment.
  • Interoperability testing of CPE and DSLAM equipment.
  • Conformance testing of CPE and DSLAM equipment.
  • Debugging broadband applications software.

Developers use DSLscope to debug and regression-test their complex encapsulation protocol software for such protocols as PPPoA and PPPoE.

DSLscope shows all the bytes and protocol layers in packets travelling across an ADSL line which are critical in quickly resolving ADSL networking and interoperability issues.

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